Monday, November 23, 2009

Cat Tales: I cheated on her!

Today I cheated on our cat.

It was maybe 6:15am, and she had started up another round of hissy fits - looking out, I saw that it wasn't the scrappy ginger tom with flappy ears that was bothering her -- it was another ginger cat, this one belonging to our neighbors.

The neighbor's cat in better days

I suspect our neighbors recently decided to make the cat an outdoor one. About two weeks ago, all of a sudden, the cat's carrier and litterbox appeared on their back porch. With a green collar with a bell, and a white flea collar, it's easy to differentiate this one from the scrappy tomcat that also hangs out here. For a while, the both of them together would be harassing our poor cat!

This morning, I felt sorry for the cat outside, it had given a meek meow at me as I shooed it off the window sill... so with our psycho kitty hissing and yowling away, I carefully made my way outside, careful not to let either cat in/out... shut the screen door behind me, and beckoned at the ginger... ... in the past it hasn't dared approach, too wary or whatever, but today it trotted up and proceeded to batter itself against me. Poor thing seemed starved for attention (I ~hope~ it's not also starved for food!!), and was going around in circles rubbing against me.

So I finally managed to study this feline up close. ... now, in my limited experience, I noticed that ginger cats were (almost) always male, and I assumed the neighbor's cat was also male. However, its face wasn't "flared" the way toms' usually are. Also, I didn't see any dangling scrotum at its nether regions - sure, it could mean it's been neutered, but don't neutered cats put on weight? This one's nice and slim. I didn't look closely enough at its behind to determine if it had female parts. But I have a feeling this ginger's female.

One of these days, when I next see the neighbor on the porch, I'll try to ask sans accusation about why their cat is now living outside. ... the weather's turning cold, I don't think it's wise to turn your cat out now, right?

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  1. PLEASE talk to your neighbors! A cat should not be outisde right now unless they have a heated place to sleep.


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