Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oes tsetnoc?

Heehe I had to chip in and help fellow expat blogger Hospitalera with this: Oes tsetnoc. Can you figure out what it's all about?

Actually thanks to my mad Scrabble(TM) and Scramble/Boggle skills, I can tell you that Oes does have a definition: the winds that blow on the Faroe Isles, if I'm not mistaken... you'll find it in the Scrabble dictionary, but not in regular 'normal' ones :D A quick search online returns a few hits for Oes: Occupational Employment Statistics; Order of the Eastern Star; Open Enterprise Server. But if you go in this direction, you're on the wrong track.

... but if you were to search for tsetnoc you might start to see the light. ... Remember that episode of (Family Guy?) where Alex Trebeck was vanquished when a contestant used "kcebert xela" (or was it "xela kcebert"?) when called upon during Jeopardy!? This is something similar.

"Oes tsetnoc" is just SEO Contest spelled backwards. If you want to know more, just go visit Hospitalera's Oes tsetnoc page, k?


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  1. thats a great seo contest. Everyone can participate. I am one among them.


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