Thursday, November 19, 2009

Long lost pals - found!

A *wave* to SG aka SnglGuy and Omni!!

These are two bloggers from my early years in the blogosphere.
  • SG was someone you could reply on to leave a comment on almost every post you had, it was so heartening, encouraging and gratifying! He had moved from blogspot to his own domain, then pleaded burnout, if I remember correctly, then... nothing. A while ago I checked his site and saw it was no longer his. I have wondered how SG was doing, how life was treating him, and how he was channeling his observations / rants / moved to The Incurable Pessimist. It's great to "see" you again, SG! Glad you've been visiting me, even if silently! :)

  • Omni wrote very long treatises on deep spiritual perspectives, the nature of karma, and the like at Every Topic in the Universe(s?). I admit that many times I would end up skimming her posts, because, this woman could write for many many many page downs worth! :D She called it quits a long time ago, and when I decided to take down the mega long blogroll on this blog, I didn't want to lose her blog addy, so I punched the RSS into my GoogleReader just because... and whaddaya know? She's started posting again! Yay! Welcome back, Omni! You have been missed!

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