Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Another Super Bowl has come and gone

The New England Patriots won their 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years, keeping barely ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles 24- 21. The half-time show featured Macca!! Whooohooo!! Yes, after the fiasco of last year’s “wardrobe malfunction” the organizers decided to play it safe and have my favourite Beatle, Paul McCartney, to perform.

It was ok, not outstanding lah….

As much as I enjoy watching American football, I must say that they have chickened out in “toughness” compared to other similar (real) sports. The players are bundled up behind padding and helmets… you have a practically different team for offence and defense… and the numerous timeouts make a 1hr game take 3.5 hrs… compare that to the “real” football (a.k.a. soccer)… it’s the same people running around a huge field for 1.5 hrs… or if you want a better comparison, how about “footy” (a.k.a. rugby) which has more of the skirmishes you see in “american football” sans padding.

Oh, did you know that the winner of the Super Bowl is considered as having won the “World Championship”? Many Americans probably don’t even think twice about that, or the “world series” in baseball…

Ugh @ U.S. egocentricity!

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