Friday, February 25, 2005

Double-checking with snopes :-)

One of my inboxes has started to be filled up again with a variety of mails... and while I usually just read and delete, this time there were a few that I thought I'd just swing by over to and check just how true some of those mails were. Let me share them with ya:

1. This picture was supposedly taken in front of an IHOP (International House of Pancakes, duh!), where the car owners were forced to stop on their way back from a Home Depot store (an Ikea / DIY type store). True or false? click here to get the whole story, and the verdict!

2. Oh my, one of those wonders of nature, izzit? Here's what snopes has to say about it...

3. I remember searching Snopes for some indication of true/false when I received that e-mail about archaeologists supposedly having uncovered gigantic bones proving the existance of a giant people. Not finding anything, I forwarded them the e-mail and asked them to investigate. Didn't hear anything back from them, but just now, as I was surfing their site, I decided to see if there was any update - and yes, there was! Whoohoo! I'd like to think I helped point them in the direction of yet another Urban Legend. Anyway - it's confirmed FALSE. Read more here.

4. And who didn't have a good laugh at THIS photo?
yep, you guessed it... it's fake too!

Here's the full report.

Once again... a friendly reminder... have a good laugh at all those e-mails you receive in your inbox... but do take a few minutes to check them out before passing them on to others, ok?


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