Wednesday, February 16, 2005

trials and tribulations : numero tres

I stumbled on a place to take quizzes that are much more educational (as opposed to the others I'd pointed you to in two previous postings, that were very much more for fun.): MSN's Encarta!

The ones I've taken so far:
1. Famous First Words: Identify the novel based on its opening sentence. (I got 6 / 13)
2. How Bookish are you: I got 6 / 10.
3. Flags of the World: I got 6 / 11.
Hmmmmmm... is there a pattern? I seem to be getting nothing but 6'es?!!

4. Chemistry: I got 9 out of 10!
Whoohoo! I guess getting a degree in Chemistry *does* help me out sometimes ;-p

There are many other quizzes in the following categories:
- Language & Literature
- Animals and Nature
- Geography
- Math and Science
- Sports
- (American) History
- Miscellaneous other stuff

Knock yourselves out! I hope this is handy for ya, especially during those times when there's nothing to do, and you've still got a few hours before you can actually leave that desk of yours and head home/ to the gym / wherever!


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