Wednesday, February 09, 2005

"co*k-a-doodle-doo!" crowed the rooster

I'm dreaming of a white... Chinese New Year! That's right folks... it snowed last night... so I've got a white CNY here in Urbana, Illinois.

Here's wishing my Chinese readers a prosperous rooster year: Gong Xi Fa Chai!

an update on other stuff:

The snow is going to put a dampener on my almost daily walks I had last week... then again last week was unseasonably warm... I'd walk over to a newarby Perkin's, or Taco Bell, etc to "earn" my meal... or at least burn off a bit of the calories I'd be ingesting anyway... :p

The entire household (apartmenthold?) is battling a cold... it's one of those yes-and-no situations, where the virus has obviously slipped thru your body's defenses, and yet your body is still able to fight it... so it's not a full-blown cold: I just have a slight sore throat, plus occasional sneezing, and am generally feeling iccky. Even the cat is sneezing!! :-( And my back kinda twinged at me when I was carrying a load of laundry to the laundromat... also another yes-and-no situation where i know the back hurts, and it hits me at random times, but in general I seem ok... will try to get back into my exercise routine, and make sure I don't aggravate anything tho :-D

Coming up... err... sometime before September ;-) An excellent exhibition is going on at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry: Any of you heard of the controversial Body Worlds exhibit, which uses real human bodies, plasticised, such that the intricate muscles, bones, brain, etc can be seen? Here's a good link to start with. I will see it before it leaves Chicago! I will! I will!

Oh, and for those who have been asking when I'm coming back... i have my flight booked, arriving in KUL 6am on April 6th 2005. Once I recover from jet-lag, will have my work cut out for me: taxes, scholarship refund, house sale. Ugh. But hey, I do wanna catch up with y'all too, okay? So if you're not sure if I have your contact info or not: practice prevention, and email/sms me, ok? Hope to see y'all then...

In the meantime: ** peace **

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