Friday, February 11, 2005

Of Urban Legends and Pregnant Men

An ex-colleague of mine sent me one of those e-mails the other day. Has it made its way to your inbox yet? The one about the pregnant man?

I dunno about any copyright issues, so I'm not posting the pix up, but they are pretty cool... there's even one of him on the cover of Time magazine.

I, of course, smelled an urban legend from the first sentence.

On one hand, it's amusing to receive such e-mails... but on the other hand, I can't help but wonder how many people actually BELIEVE everything they receive via e-mail... are so many people so gullible? or am I just better able to weed out inconsistencies in a story? or am I just a bucketful more cynical than most people put together?

Whatever it is... I highly recommend that you bookmark this page: This is an excellent site to click to as soon as you receive one of those too-fantastic-to-believe e-mails about cookie recipes, spiders under toilet seats, Shell Malaysia's warning about not using handphones at petrol stations, and whatever else...

So... to share the myth of the pregnant man: Here's the "official" website, with pictures to boot! And here is the write-up about it from snopes.

While surfing around for material for this posting, I came across some tsunami-related myths already emerging (or in some cases, being re-packaged).

This was amusing: supposedly having weird sea creatures washed up by the waters.

This is more disturbing: Amazing how people want show the superiority of their religion through lies. I suppose the end justifies the means, eh? Not to me! Hey, I'm sure there are miracles enough occurring everyday lah, no need to fabricate anything mah. And the tone of this myth is terribly divisive... but then again, are you that surprised?

My advice to you:

The truth is out there. Keep an open mind.
Seek first to understand, then to be understood. (thanx, Dale Carnegie!)

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