Monday, December 24, 2007

Last book of 2007?

During one of my very random blog surfing, somewhere somehow I stumbled upon a blog by author Patrick Rothfuss, admittedly an author I'd never heard of, but he seemed to have a sense of humor that leaked through in his posts that I liked, so I blogrolled the site and proceeded to drop by occasionally, lurking,,,

I delurked the other day, and that prompted me to hunt down his book in the library. (That's right, singular. His second book is due out April 2009 according to amazon.) It wasn't difficult to keep his name in mind, it's so close to my Chemistry advisor's name, Mr Sulphur himself :-)

aaanyways... so, back to Mr Rothfuss. Picked up The Name of the Wind. And was hooked.

I love it when a book does this to me!

I finished it in less than 36hrs.

On one hand it's a typical fantasy tale, but on the other hand, it's told in a slightly different style than usual. I love it when the tale is not told in one simple timeline, I love it when information is fed in bits and pieces then elaborated on a bit further along in the tale, I love starting the tale in last third of the story and getting the first part of the tale told while we get hints of what the "present" looks like, so that the anticipation of getting an explanation of why the world seems to have turned between "then" and "now" is slowly appeased, while the foundation for a final battle is being laid. And what's with the whole Kingkiller thing, that's not explained yet... :-)

Did you get all that?

Nevermind... just take it from me, if you're looking for a new fantasy novel to sink your teeth into, try this out. Of course, if you don't want to have to wait years for the next installment, then put this on your t-read list and look him up again in a few years' time :p

... ...

for those who celebrate - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

and for the rest of us - HAVE A GREAT REST-OF-THE-YEAR!


  1. I will have to put that book on my 2008 reading list! I love having something to read on the train besides the newspaper!


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