Wednesday, December 12, 2007

we'd been just a little unwell... for the past few weeks, Kosh and I have been passively fighting off some sort of bug, where you know you're not at 100% health, but it never really manifests itself beyond a very very low grade fever or just plain "feeling a bit under the weather".

Then this weekend we got together with the immediate family, including the nephews, two out of three with hacking phlegmy coughs.

Yesterday evening, I came back from class to find Kosh on the couch under three layers of blankets, totally febrile, complaining about not being able to get warm. The dude was running a 100F temperature! And me? I'd developed this little niggling scratch at the back of my throat about an hour before. Hmmmm, either we got what the kids had w/o cough, or exposure to them "released" the older bug to its full(er) potential!

Today, Kosh called in sick. First time ever. Hey, when you're on duty at a transplant section, dealing with patients who are immuno-suppressed, you certainly do NOT want to be bringing to them a bug like this one!

Funny thing is, I'm *not* running a fever; in fact, the thermometer has me at below normal temp. One of these days I should take my temperature when nothing is wrong, so that I know what my normal temp actually is! Anyways, so while Kosh is asleep (and still febrile, I just checked!), I have been awake since about 4am. Grrrrrr!

There's only so many mines I can sweep for in one sitting before I get bored.

Did I mention before that I've pretty much burned out on Sim City? I might just start up again today... ... ... although.... there's a new version that's just come out - Sim City Societies - that made me drool all over the electronics/games section of Target last week when I noticed it, because it's not so much a city-building simulator as it is a "social engineering" one. Am I sad or what?! :p



  1. Feel better soon :)

    P.S. Your "find x" header is hilarious :)

  2. Get well soon! Hope you and Kosh is better now.


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