Wednesday, December 19, 2007

musical accompaniment...?

it was a weird dream about having to get somewhere, but I was delayed because someonw wanted to make sure I had a certain piece of paper or something, so I was going through this pile of old letters over and over and over trying to determine whether or not I had it, and my train? was gong to be leaving soon I was slowly getting more and more agitated, and so I said something like "you know what, (mouthing the f-word) this, I've gotta go", and a fellow schoolmate SHUSHES me in response to the already self-censored swearing, and i just lose it. I start raising my voice at her, asking her "did you even stop to think about the fact that by the time someone reaches our age, we've already made some decisions about how we want to communicate, and what we want to say, so please DO NOT insult yourself and me by trying to shush me like a baby" and on and on I went, ,,, and while that was going on, a sound intruded in the background, which somehow complemented my diatribe quite well, but it got me wondering why I was having some musical accompaniment to my dream, and I slowly woke up in time to identify it : the cat was puking up a hairball.


So, update on the health-front: definitely getting better - can you believe it's been over a week since I first got floored by this cold?? Kosh got hit much worse than me, but he's more recovered than I am at this point in time. I'm still downing those 12-hr sudafeds, although the volume of snot blown out of my nose has steadily reduced. Maybe in a few more days I really *will* be more human again...

One last note: I'm no longer addicted to facebook, but, I love it because I can play scrabble with pals all over the world! And recently some of my Swiss cousins joined, so I've added them to my friends list. Which triggered a hunt for some Malaysian cousins, also added to my list. Okay so one doesn't "really" keep in touch via FB, but what with my inability to send text messages, my lack of emails, and my irregular blog posts, I do sincerely think that buying a round of drinks via Booze Mail, or throwing sheep is as good a way of keeping in pseudo-touch as any!

Anyone wanna scrabble?

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