Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cat Tales: hissy fits

This morning, the cat had a huge case of the hissy fits.

This had happened once before, and it had been really disconcerting for me to be jolted out of bed by loud thudding in the back room. Kosh had been closer by when it happened, and reported he'd heard hissing too. The cat was totally freaked out, tail all poofed up and all. Based on the sound, we wondered if the cat had trapped herself in one of the many boxes and freaked herself as she struggled to get out.

A few days later, we found out the real reason:

During another hissy fit, Kosh caught sight of a cat batting at our cat through the window screen! That was the thudding sound we had heard ... well that and the noise made by our cat freaking out on the window sill, batting back and retreating.

I'll have to check with Kosh about the outside cat's coloring, because now I'm not sure which of today's two visitors that one was.

That's right.

This morning, this orange tom came a-visiting, stalking up almost to the window as our cat hissed up a storm, scaring the bejeesus out of me as I sat nearby.

The sight of me halted the tom before he reached the window; after engaging me in a staring contest (he won, of course), he then retreated to the stairs where he proceeded to ignore me, back turned, while our poor cat sniffed and sniffed the air coming in through the window for his scent, hissing every once in a while, and overall acting quite put out.

But then Mr Orange Tom left, so the cat and I settled back to our preferred locations - she on the window sill, and me at the computer 2 feet away from her.

The next thing I know there are loud yowls and thudding screens and our radio tumbles down as the cat scrambles away from yet another visitor, this time a darker striped cat.

Not sure if it was male, this one - it didn't immediately strike me as male, anyway. Silly me, I tend to observe the shape of the face and hips, instead looking for the telltale balls!

So with this visitor, our cat was extremely frazzled. In the end, she stalked off to the front of the apartment. Don't blame her at all, heck ~i~ had a case of major heart thumpage going on just from having been closeby when it all went down!

Figuring the poor thing could do with some attention -- once she'd calmed down, that is! -- I ended up giving her about 30mins of lap time accompanied by major purrage (her, not me!) while I watched some tv.

She's not come back to the window sill yet, though.

Poor thing.

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  1. Wow! Those toms really like your cat ;) Too bad they cannot be friendly with one another! I wonder how you could get them to leave her alone.

  2. Oh, I hate when other cats come to the window to annoy the inside cat! And the noise!!!! Yikes. You'd think there was a monster out there. Try some cat-be-gone spray or something on the windowsill. Next those toms will spray the outside of your house to mark their territory--Ick.

  3. Kim & Lin: thanks for your sympathies! It occurred to me that I should get some cat-repellent, as Lin has suggested, perhaps spray the back porch with it to keep them cats away. I'll keep that in mind for my next shopping trip!

  4. This has just happened to me, but at 7 am whilst I'm still sleeping. Because it is stilll dark outside I can't tell what is out there, but this is the second morning it's happened in a row. Scary stuff I tell you, I don't know who gets the most freeked out, me or the cat!! Either way, it's the most effective alarm, there's no going back to sleep now.


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