Friday, October 02, 2009

an update from Springfield, IL

The naranek household has been in Springfield for almost a month!

... so, what have we got to show for it?

On the social front, Kosh and I met up with Mocha Momma again (we'd met once, a little over a year ago, at Davecago; she'd also helped me stay slightly sane while doing the apartment hunting!). We should have met more/other Springfield twitterers but were a little late getting there :p Hopefully time will be on our side next time!

After the meet-up, we walked around a bit of downtown historical Springfield: we'd missed the Farmers Market, but there were plenty of other booths due to the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival going on that weekend. I'll be doing a small write-up of this at a malaysian abroad soon, stay tuned!

Later that day, we also dropped by one of Kosh's colleagues who had invited folks over to watch some college football game. By the time we got there (do you see a trend here?!), the score was 0 - 30 so the 6 or 7 couples who were there were just chatting over hors d'oevres instead. It was a bit painful. Didn't help that almost all the ladies were in various stages of pregnancy: guess what the main topic of conversation was? :p

... and in case you were keeping track, yes, all that happened in the one day, LoL! What about all those other days we've had since getting here? They've been spent slowly unpacking and settling in: partly procrastination, partly strategy to not activate my allergies.

Here's the pile of "to be whittled down one box at a time whenever Kosh has the time" boxes that's taking up a whole bunch of space in what is the dining room (or extended kitchen) area. Most other boxes are pretty much unpacked and torn down already, and this place is certainly coming along well.

More, better, photos to come.. later... In the meantime: have a great weekend!

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