Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Monday #20 (my #1)

I was prompted to participate in Music Monday today, thanks to a tweet by Miracle Laurie (you may know her as Mellie / November in Dollhouse) that pointed me in the direction of the song used as the theme for Dollhouse. ... it's kinda weird to be hearing words instead la-la-la-laaas (and they are eerie lyrics!)! Anyways, so here is Jonatha Brooke with What You Don't Know featuring the unofficial Dollhouse video. Enjoy!

I'm hoping Joss Whedon will at least be able to finish off Season 2 before FOX cancels the show (yes, it's just a matter of when, not if) ... to help, please watch Dollhouse on hulu or at

(I think I'm supposed to get some code from MckLinky, but don't know how... in the meantime, do drop me a line in your comments to point me in your Music Monday direction, kthnks!)

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  1. I tired to leave you a comment earlier but my blog went all wonky and shut down. I was just saying that I haven't seen that show, or any show other than Nick Jr cartoons in a while :) I like the song, it's haunting but pretty!


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