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... getting them all in a bunch?

Remember item #14 from a recent meme?

Reminded me of a rant whine I had that's been on the back burner for ***oops!*** over 2 years now. Bear with me. Or just don't bother to read on, no worries :-)

But first, as an appetizer:
You Are Basic Panties

You are a laid back chick with a real natural beauty. You can make unwashed hair and minimal make-up super sexy. Men tend to notice you show the "real you" - and they appreciate it. And while basic makes boring for some, it looks classic on you.

Definitely me! Although that particular pic is not *quite* the style I use, LoL!

btw, reminds me of the blue thong-like frilly horror that "NS" sent me as a gift sometime while I was studying in the U.S. Stayed in my drawer for the longest time until I finally threw/gave it away. Sorry beb, certainly not my style!

And now for the rant whine:
For the longest time, since 1990 in fact, I've been a faithful customer of Sloggi underwear. First time I bought them was to revamp my wardrobe before leaving for the U.S. for my studies. Bought under the supervision of a parent, I could only choose shades like blue & skin. Bought two styles: normal and high-cut. Totally loved the feel of 'em: I suppose it's that 100% cotton lycra blend they use.

They were a bit on the expensive side, and I'd tried once to go back to regular/generic undies - ugh! They were of ickky cheap cotton that erupted in those tiny balls after just one wash! After that lesson, I stuck to the Sloggis.

Every few years I'd inject more into my stock. Whenever possible, I went for black. Which worked fine when they were sold individually. Later, they were sold in valu-packs of three, or "buy-3-get-1-free", already grouped together, so I couldn't always get an all-black choice. But s'okay, I was still able to steer away from the worst of their colors.

Then... in 2004... this time revamping my wardrobe after becoming a jobless bum, and lemmie tell ya, I needed to totally replace my aging undies! I noticed the packaging had changed, but s'ok, I knew I needed the "midi" style, size L, so I grabbed a whole bunch of those.

Went back, opened the packaging, and to my horror saw that they weren't what I'd wanted! Instead of being briefs that would go up to just about my belly button, they ended just below the swell of my belly. At the back, it felt like it barely covered the top o' the crack! Urgh!!

But of course, Malaysia being Malaysia, once you buy you can't exchange undies, even if you've got them unopened/in original packaging!! Grrrr!!

Not thinking too hard about it, I figured I'd made a mistake and actually needed their "maxi" style, since it *had* been a while since my last purchase,,, so went back and grabbed a bunch of those. Damnit! These ended up being these horrendous "grandma panties" that went up waaay past by belly button and really did NOT flatter me in any way!

Turns out Sloggi had "split" their undies into three different lines, and in so doing, had changed the style of existing briefs. Oh, and they changed the material too. So my comfy cottonny briefs are now made of this ickky shiny material that, while relatively comfortable, is just NOT what I want to have on my skin.

So I was stuck with two horrid-in-their-own-way styles of panties, that I'd wear only unwillingly. Since coming to the U.S., I've experimented with FoTL & Hanes undies as replacements: they'll do, but they are all missing that little bit of lycra that makes the undies "hug" ya, y'know?

And with the undies already out of whack, the rest of the wardrobe just doesn't *quite* feel right, y'know?

  • If I ever find Sloggi on sale here, I'd hope that I'd get some help from the sales assistant [which I didn't get at all while in KL!] to see if I can find the [original] style & material I want [in its new guise]...
  • No matter how confident you are about a new style/item, buy just ONE rather than a whole bunch, juuuust in case!
  • Yes, I have a panties in bunch about not having the right panties, LoL!


  1. Hi.Thanks for your visit.I do hope to see you again.Cheers.

  2. Hi there Lynne, you might want to try it is a UK site but seems to be full of Sloggies stuff.

    Or maybe (GBP 4.00 for international delivery)

    For my money you can't beat Marks and Spencers for comfy pants, but that is definitely a UK thing.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :-)


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