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I'm no longer a jobless bum!

I am being paid to blog!

Okay, I haven't seen the money yet because I made less than $50 last month, but by this time next month, I should have a cheque in hand for over $50, for something I already do anyway.

Here's how it works: You apply and propose a blog idea. If accepted, they'll set you up with the proposed URL, and off you go!

Blogs are reviewed by the 10th (or next business day) of every month, and payments are made then. There is a minimum payout of $50, so if you don't make that much in one month, that total will carry over to the next month, and the month after that, until your total is over the minimum payout. You can get paid via PayPal or by cheque via snail mail.

When I signed up, the program was such that I get paid based on unique visitors ($0.002 per impression, or $2 per thousand unique visitors) and $1 per post (only one paid post per day, minimum 100 words).

If you're turning your nose up at the rates, hang on a second. I believe Google AdSense will only pay out when you reach $100, and it takes forever to get there unless you've got a majorly high-traffic site. I think most ads run on a similar "do the work in advance and if you're good enough then we might pay you" basis. Being on the network frees you from this: sure, their minimum payout is $50, but you have two ways to increase that - up your traffic and up your posting.

fyi, traffic experts encourage multiple postings a day of posts at least 250 words in length... I have no problems getting to 250 words, but multiple posts a day?? I prefer a slightly more static page, giving returning visitors time to revisit posts and perhaps decide to drop a comment the second time around. I know that's how *I* tend to work, anyway. As a result, I tend to post every other day there. I'm thinking of switching to shorter daily posts on weekdays and taking the weekend off. We'll see...

Back to the $, as I'm sure if you're still reading, this is what you're interested in. Your compensation plan is up for review every month. As such, your rates may be changed up or down depending on your performance and productivity. After all, you're getting paid on the assumption that you are able to attract lots of readers who would also click on the ads on your site. These ads look at impressions and clicks then pay, who will then turn around and pay you. So yeah, if you do see some ads that look interesting on my site, please click!! You're helping my employer directly, and me indirectly :)

You won't get the same program I did if you sign up, though. It looks like they are imposing some sort of probation period now, probably to see if your blog would bring in enough moolah to cover your pay or not. Here are the revised terms:

From now on new blogs get:
  • $2.00 per thousand unique visitors

  • After a 30 day provisional period outstanding blogs may be promoted to our pay per post program.

"We will not be giving out anymore free rides" is right! :D

Uncertain about "outstanding"? I don't have the details, but the criteria would certainly include daily posts, good traffic and high click-through ads. If you've got a good base of followers who will visit you at your new digs, and/or if you are in Entrecard or a similar system, I think you'd be okay.

Wanna sign up?

One more thing: I do have an ulterior motive for blogging about this... yes, I will get paid for any successfully referred blog. And what's the criteria for a successfully referred blog, you ask? New incoming referred blogs will need to post at least 20 times over 20 days to become a qualified referred blogger. Yikes!

My advice? Flesh out a few blog posts already before you apply. As soon as you get approval (mine came within 24hrs!), start posting. And make it a point to meet the 20 posts in 20 days, please? Then at least I get a little something back! :D

If you're not sure what topic or niche to choose, here's a tip: make it something that you can see yourself posting about very often, without running out of ideas. For me, I just refined, repackaged and refocussed what Life After Work is about!

Click below to explore blogs within the network... there are loads of blogs in plenty of categories, here is just a random list:

So.... All set? Willing to take the plunge? Click on the image above to start the process. And please remember to tell them lynne naranek from a malaysian abroad sent ya!

And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. I'll be happy to answer as best I can.


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  1. Hi Lynne,

    Congrats & good luck to you on your new "job"..
    Do tell us how it's progressing.. :)

  2. Okays Lynne,

    I'm going to give this a try. Just for the fun of it. And I won't forget to state who's my referral. ;)


  3. I've been a blogger for just over a month now and am really enjoying it. It's my first time in the blogging world, so I'm always learning, but I like the motivation to keep up with my writing (and the little bit of payment helps, too)! Don't forget to post your address and get entrecard on there, too!

  4. Hi Lynne. I started a blog there yesterday but was going to abandon it because I thought the advertising made it look ugly. I might give it a chance though. I was going to write on politics and stuff. My url is and the header is from by Bath Trip.

  5. Hi,

    I got in (I think) before they made the new requirements, and have been blogging at for just over a week.

    I also have no problem writing 250 words - my problem is keeping it to LESS than a thousand words. :)

  6. I've been a blogger at for a few months now and I really enjoy it once I get the hang of it, considering that it's my first time blogging too. Congrats on joining the community! :)

  7. Pity I signed earlier, otherwise I'd sign up under you. :P
    My stats are looking good, earnings a way faster than my google ads. Can't wait to get paid! Wohoo!

    Good luck to all of us!


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