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We're going to be housebound for a few days...

... because it's going to be C.O.L.D.

(screenshot from the National Weather Service)

Chicago is buckling down for a blizzard that's expected to hit during the evening and last through the night. It's only going to dump 2 - 4 inches of snow, which by itself wouldn't be too bad, except that the snow is of the light powdery kind... pair that up with 30 mph winds, then the fun starts - WHITEOUT! This might not impact me too much, since we don't have wide open spaces here in the city itself, but based on how things went the last time something like this happened, I think we'll just not go out unless utterly necessary.

... especially when on the heels of this blizzard comes mega-cold temperatures. Look at the forecast above. Thursday we're expected to have a HIGH of 2F (-17C) , Friday of 5F (-15C). That's not factoring in the wind chill. No. I ain't going out for nothing!! We'll make do with bread and water if we have to, I ain't going out no way no how!

Not 'till Saturday, anyway. By then, it'll be starting to warm up.

You know it's sad when you consider temperatures barely hitting 20F (-6C) as "warming up".

a little aside: back when we moved to Chicago in '06, I was cautioned by many people that the winters here were brutal. Winter '06/'07 was fine, there was the one week of real cold. Same with the following winter - nothing too bad, maybe a week or so of nasty weather. So I was thinking, wow, if this is what y'all call brutal, well, I suppose I can handle it! Yeahhhh..... then came this winter of '08/'09. Okay, okay, *now* I've experienced a real Chicago winter! Brutal? Yeah, that word fits! :p

... on another aside: Solid details are difficult to find, but it seems that today is (Inter-)National De-lurking Day! Whether this happens on January 12th every year, or on the 2nd Monday in January, or requires knowledge of the phase of the moon, I have no idea. In addition, it might also be (Inter-)National De-lurking Week. Who knows. What's important is, this frees you from all that's holding you back from commenting!

So please, do drop by and say "Hey", k?

C'mon, you know you want to! :)

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  1. dang! its frikkin' cold where you are!v i am in denial so i hav the heating turned up high, have shorts on, jimmy buffet music..and avoid looknig out the window to the snow!

  2. i like that idea - maybe we'll have to blast some "buffet" and see if we can scrounge up appropriate ingredients for "tropical" drinks. if not we always have tea ... finally making a dent in our supplies.

    thank god for our indoor gym and the fact that psycho-kitty is not a dog that would need multiple outdoor trips.

    maybe this will be "the week" you help me get through some boxes?

    cold kosh

  3. Jeez! Lynne,

    I don't know how you have adjusted to that kind of freezing weather.

    I can't even bear the coldness at 6,000 feet above sea level here in the Malaysian hills!

    One of my business trips to Philadelphia was during the winter time. I slept with my socks and shoes and three layers of blankets. LOL!

    Anways, it's Spring next!

  4. Blizzard schmizzard. Once again the Chicago weathermen have over-exaggerated. I live in the SW suburbs of Chicago. My kids last night were invoking the snow day prayer. Thank goodness it didn't work for them! I think I'd loose my mind if they had to be home today. Winter break was enough. There goes one kid out the door for the bus now. Yippee!

    With any luck I won't need to leave the house today.

    Stay warm!

  5. Not "delurking" per se but taking a moment to shout out for Delurking Day ;)

  6. Delurking day, huh? ;-)

    It's cold here in Zurich too, but not as brutal as in Chicago. It's been about -7°C in the mornings. It was 0°C in the office underground garage this evening when i left... And, apparently, it has been cold, with temperatures hitting the -27°C in La BrĂ©vine (nicknamed the Siberia of Switzerland). Hope that you managed to hoard up more food than just bread and water...

    Greetings to y'all from w'all here in Zurich .-))

  7. Hi! (You can probably guess which nice roundabout route I came in on.)

    Sounds pretty cold. I've never had to deal with that; I've mostly been on the US Pacific Coast, generally lowlands, and between the lack of altitude and the Pacific Ocean as a titanic hot water bottle, we've stayed pretty cool.

    Good luck!

  8. Wow.

    In such bad weather, do you still get "pizza deliveries"?

    Maybe next time you plan to come back for a visit, the winter time would be a good time to escape the cold, huh?

    Keep warm anyhow.

  9. And I still gotta drive my butt to work in this crap. Blech.

  10. I hope this cold winter isn't a typical thing! I can't take it anymore!


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