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29 days to 2010: What's in my freezer?

Yes, I'm going to continue with the Food/Health topic a little while longer... today how's about a peek into my freezer?

Here's what's in the freezer door:

You may recognise a few Morningstar Farms products there: I have indicated I am trying to move Kosh and I away from dead animals, so I always have some sort of soy-substitute product at hand. Here you might see three packages of fake ground beef (one of which will probably be used in making meatloaf tonight!).

I'm not impressed with their fake breakfast sausage patties tho, and the fake italian sausage links are crumbly and meh: you might spot one open box each in there.

There's also half a box of Banquet's Heat n Serve turkey sausage links (majorly high in sodium tho, beware!), and maybe one more serving left of Tater Tots (will not be replacing this, since they aren't organic and therefore probably chockful of bad chemicals - bummer!).

And now for the main part of the freezer:
.. a little crammed, ainnit? LoL! Well, I admit I've been on a frozen vegetable spree lately, and I would say about 80% of the stuff in there is frozen vegetables.

You see, despite having the best of intentions of eating healthy, I found that whenever I opened the fridge looking for something for lunch or for a snack, the fresh veggies and bagged salads just didn't appeal to me... and if I spied Ben&Jerry's ice cream, heck any ice cream, or Kit Kats, well let's just say I'd scarf that "easy food" down, only to feel hungry again soon after, so back I went searching for something to munch, not finding the fridge contents appealing... etc etc etc.

So I decided to give myself other options: processing fresh broccoli is a pain, but if I were to have steamable frozen broccoli cuts that I just had to pop in the microwave for a few minutes? Then transfer the broccoli to a bowl and add a bit of fake butter, cheese and perhaps cinnamon or seasoned salt? Overall still a much better option than ice cream, candy or chips! And food would less likely to be wasted, thrown out because they went bad before anyone got to them.

Making radioactive mac&cheese out of the box? Add in a bag of peas! Okay so I usually add stuff like diced capsicum, onions, leftover chicken, or tuna anyways in an attempt to add some nutrition to the dish, but when you dump 4 servings of peas? That's a LOT of veggies to temper the mac&cheese with! It's an interesting combination I wouldn't serve to dinner guests, but if you want to try it at home, please tell me what you think, k?

There's also a box of individually wrapped chicken breasts; a large serving of chili from a few weeks ago; an opened box of No Name salmon; an opened package of Morningstar Farms fake chicken strips; a few steam-in-the-bag dinners-for-two (also high sodium, ugh!). The plastic bag contains two lamb shanks ("spares" - I already cooked 2 yesterday, look out for a writeup on that tomoro!).

Yes those are ice cube trays, LoL!

There are probably multiple bags of 4 or 5 types of bagged frozen veggies. It's not immediately obvious because everything's kinda stacked on top of one another, but take my word for it, there are A LOT of this in there:
Courtesy of Sam Walton, this is their Great Value Mixed Garden Medley: sugar snap peas, roasted red potatoes and red peppers seasoned with garlic herbs. Only 160 cals per bag. And it's delicious!! Seriously. After tasting one of these, on my next tip to Mal-Mart I went ahead and pulled like 8 into my cart!
Okay so the potatoes here aren't organic either, so I'll have to not overindulge. But still. So much better than one-third of a package of Golden Oreos, right?

... I know there had been a meme for fridge or larder contents going around the net a while back... maybe here we can start one for the freezer? Let's call it The Freezer Meme! So if you'd like to show off your freezer's contents too, please go ahead, and don't forget to drop a link in the comments so I can come visit! A link back to Life After Work and this Freezer Meme page would be nice too, hint hint! :D

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  1. That veggie medley looks yummy! We prefer the Morningstar crumbles too. Sometimes we use TVP.

    I may have to do the Freezer Meme. Our freezer is pretty empty though.

  2. Definitely much better than one-third of a package of Golden Oreos! I'm quite impressed with how ice-free your freezer looks. Very clean indeed, just an observation there.


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