Monday, December 14, 2009

My first blog make-over!

Yes, yes, yes, I've made-over my own blog many times, but today I spent almost all day helping out a friend of mine, Rima Rashidi, who, together with her buddy Siti Hajar, has started her own business: Studio Vocal Siti Hajar!

You see, they had established a blog for the business, but had chosen the cookie-cutter harbor template which pained me so to look at for a business site, and me being me, I offered to jazz it up a bit to the best of my limited abilities...

I had all these fancy ideas for the header, but have very basic photoediting software and skills, so decided to go with black plus basic colors. Blue is a color associated with communication, so I decided to make that the main color. The rest of the day was spent tweaking all those friggin' colors... here's what I handed over to them:

... if you notice, this blog has yet to be properly "completed" in terms of color-tweaking, precisely because I'd get fed up trying to figure out the best combo! But hey, I'm now inspired to do some color tweaking here, and long-overdue header tweaking at my blogs :)

And a final shout-out for my pal: if you happen to be in KL/Selangor, and have been wanting to sign up for voice lessons, why not drop by Studio Vocal Siti Hajar and check them out? They will be open for business & registration on January 4th 2010 @ 6pm.

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