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tune in chicago!

yep, i am back in the u.s. now! Chicago, to be exact.

... and the city has shown its pleasure by giving me a warm welcome. So warm, in fact, that today might just be the hottest day of the year. Yup, that heat wave that was hitting California last week? It's kinda moved on to the midwest right now. With everyone advised to stay indoors and drink plenty of water today, I ain't gonna be walking around or exploring the area just yet.

Was up and about having breakfast before 6am: will be having majorly early wake-ups what with Kosh having to be at the hospital rounding on patients well before 630am.

Went to the gym / fitness center downstairs for a light workout. The air conditioning was on so high that there was no way i could break out into a sweat! grrrr it was totally unsatisfying 30min workout. I suppose next time I'll have to drink plenty o water beforehand, and wear sweatpants or something.

Tried unpacking my suitcases, but not quite sure where to unpack the contents to! You know, before I was just kinda "tumpang-ing" Kosh's place, but this time it's more like an "ours" place... so I may just get him to clear half of the closet space for MY stuff :-) or a quarter. Not like i have *that* many things. yet. ;-) The entire apartment needs some rearrangement anyway - Kosh kinda moved in and immediately started work,, so he's unpacked and setup the essentials, but I'd told him to leave the rest to me. of course, that will involve getting hold of a compass to confirm the exact/accurate directions of N/S/E/W within the apartment... kinda want the place to be fung-shui friendly! No, this time I'm not being a freak - I just wanna know what the "ideal" placement ofd things should be,,, but I won't go out of my way to accomodate something not practical lah. Anyways, Rail is more than happy to give an assessment, but not without a proper floor plan and compass directions. Gimmie a few days beb then i'll email ya, k?

Ah, remember the psycho kitty? Yeah, she remembers me :-) (she's standing on my lap as I type this - took me how many months the last time to get her this comfortable with me!) And she's been extra-psycho these past few weeks. It seems Kosh was having loads of trouble with her recently: she'd decided to start using the bathroom mat as her pee place instead of the kitty litter box, probably as a feline protest at being left all alone in a new place most of the time. Hopefully with me around she'll be back to her normal levels of psycho-ness :-)

Was starting to shut-down in the afternoon, so took a nap till almost 4pm, heehehe! Hopped out around 645pm to visit Kosh at work - he'd called and said he was free for the moment and wanted to show me around. Of course, he was free until about 2mins before I got there, so we couldnt hang out, and no tour of the place for me. yet. Won't see him till past 1pm tomorrow, cos he's on call tonight. But he's equipped with power food to keep him going, delivered by yours truly: a zone bar, a hard-boiled egg, mountain dew and diet cherry vanilla coke.

And yeah,,, stepping out of the apartment block was like walking into a wall of heat... but thanx to it being the Windy City and all, it helped make it fell less hot than it really was.

Now it's getting close to 830pm (and it's still light outside?!! Oh, did I mention it was also nice and bright already at 6am?!), and I did mean to give a few people a call to tell them I'm back on this side of the world. There's at least CLB, KTN and VMA... shall I do all or one? I guess we'll see who's home now lah. I don't think I have contact info for elisette apart from email... so will drop her a line maybe tomoro.

More catching up later...



  1. Nice to read you made it to Chicago in one piece, hehe. Anyways, take care and hope to be reading more from you.


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