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Yesterday, for the fun of it, I looked up HP6 at the library... if I had wanted to put my name down to borrow it, I would have been number 362 on the list. Wow. And the library has TWENTY-FIVE copies of the book! All of which are either checked out or being held for the next person on the waiting list. *SO* glad I got my own copy!!

That got me thinking... what about when two of my eagerly-awaited books come out? How early can I get myself on the waiting list? Especially considering one of them I don't intend to buy at all, while the other I certainly will buy the paperback version lah.

Figured, didn't matter if the book wasn't owned by my local library: so long it's listed inthe system, I can already put my name down for it... and sure enough, that seems to be the case!!

So, I am #25 for George R. R. Martin's Feast for Crows, which should be coming out on November 8th 2005.

And I am #7 (whoohooo!!) for Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams, due to be released on October 11th, 2005; this being book 11 of an as yet undetermined total, he's milking his fans. lemmie tell ya... hence my refusal to actually *buy* anymore of his books until he bucks up!!

Of course, I need to be outta here by mid-November or so, so we'll see how that all fits into the scheme of things....

Yesterday also, I made some half-hearted attempts to get a handle on what costs I would be looking at if I were to go and pursue grad studies.

Learnt one thing: will *NOT* be looking at private schools! Did you know that one quarter (not even a semester!) at Northwestern University, tuition alone, costs USD 10K? They *do* have an interesting Graduate program in Media, Technology & Society, though.

Will be looking at public universities in Iowa and Ohio, seeing as those are the two states that I may end up in next year...

Again, so much to *not* get hung up about, cos there are so many things that need to fall into place before I can afford to go back to school, let alone choose a place to go to. I'm not worried about any of this stuff, so I encourage my readers to ALSO feel the same. No need to worry, or get all anxious, on my behalf, okay? Chill.

Finished the book about the guy who reads the Encyclopedia Britannica from A - Z. Definitely worth a read :-)

Last weekend, there was this furry rodent under the cars in the parking lot. Didn't know if it was injured or anything, but it wasn't an animal usually seen here in town. I *had* seen a similar creature at one of my walks in the nearby park, maybe it got lost and disoriented and somehow ended up at the parking lot.

Concerned that it may be injured, proceeded to call the Humane Society, asking if they knew what to do. Got passed to some wildlife collection company. Who passed us to the cops. Who passed us to Animal Control. And on and on it went. In the end, got passed to somewhere in the Veterinary medicine of the University, and were told that if we managed to catch & bring the animal to them, they'd deal with it at no charge (whether to treat it for any injuries, or to release it in the appropriate place & manner).

Proceeded to try and trap the darn thing. Armed with a broom, a cat travelling cage, and two boxes, we must have been quite a sight down there in the parking lot under the hot hot sun!! I was concerned about making sure we did not get close enough to be bitten lah, last thing I want is to be at risk for rabies or some other crap like that!

We *a*l*m*o*s*t got it in the cage, but then it decided it didn't want to hang around the cars anymore, or to put up with us disturbing it anymore, and proceeded to RUN away at quite a high speed, with no noticable limp or anything.

Guess it wasn't injured.

(If ever I manage to get my phone's pix onto flickr, I will post pix I took of the critter)

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed: my fancy counter, the one that lists the different countries my visitors come from... it's free trial period has run out... and now there will be random ads instead of the counter at random times of the day. Ugh. Don't think it's *that* great to shell out USD15/year ... and the ads are going to be irritating ... so I may be getting rid of it soon. Pity. It's definitely cool to see that list of countries ... Like just a few days ago a long-lost friend of mine based in France e-mailed me, and mentioned she'd dropped by my blog.. and I noticed a new country (France!!) up there on the list! So cool. Oh well.....

Oh well.

Till next time... bye!


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