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Harry Potter: movies, links & spin-offs

One of the Late Night shows (not Letterman - may be Leno?) had a little segment last night where someone of his crew went to a mall and proceeded to read out loud to kids the last page of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. It was really funny to see the kids refusing to listen byt covering their ears, or repeating over and over again "I don't want to know, I don't want to know!"; of course they didn't actually read the real ending lah, they were having fun quoting scenes from other movies and stuff. Amusing :p

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)I rented the movies of HP 1 & 2 recently (HP 3 is waiting to be picked up right now, will probably watch it tonight), also to kinda get into the groove for the release of Book 6. In addition, did you know that the the 4th movie (Goblet of Fire) is pretty much ready? I expect they'll release it in November again, like the did for the other three...

Anyway: remember or not at one point I mentioned I had rented & wathed all 6 'original' Star Trek movies? What I didn't mention was what was contained in the special features of those DVDs... oh my... whatever I'd heard before about William Shatner being a vainglorious attention-seeking fool came out loud & clear... "I had this excellent idea for the ending of the movie, and went to Nimoy and acted it out for him, he liked it, so we went to (i forget name : the director or something) and I acted it out again, and he said ok let's see if Gene Roddenbury agrees to it; but by that time i'd acted my heart out twice in a row, and I guess I was tired cos by the time I acted it out for Gene I musta not done it as well as the first two times, so Gene wasn't impressed, and so we didn't go with my ending." Dunno if that captures it or not... there were SO many comments Shatner made, that in the end I wondered if it was all a show just to propagate/perpetuate that image of his... or if he really IS as bad as that... ugh!!

Anyway... what does this have to do with Harry Potter? Well, remember Gilderoy Lockheart, the vain Defense against the Dark Arts teacher in Book 2? While watching Chamber of Secrets, seeing Gilderoy Lockheart onscreen... damn, they shoulda just had Shatner up there!! It would have been perfect!! Heeeeeheheh :)

Anyways.... So The 4th movie is in the can, speculation can move on to who's gonna be in the 5th movie.... Here's an amusing article from Sky Showbiz on people in the HP movies, both past and future. Being a Brit production, lots of the names are kinda lost on me, but enough familiar ones to be amusing lah :)

Among other things: Did you know that
- Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) got in on the act as Griphook the Goblin in HP1?
- Hugh Grant was due to play the vain Prof Gilderoy Lockhart but had to pull out (HP2)?
- Dawn French plays the Fat Lady in HP3 (and 4).
- Ralph Fiennes will be playing Voldermort in the upcoming HP4
- Liz Hurley is rumoured to be playing Bellatrix Lestrange in HP5 (2007)

Did you know that the Harry Potter series is supposed to just be 7 books long? But judging from the popularity, it's doubtful that JKRowling will be content to just let things stop there.. after all, it's bloody lucrative, ainnit? Here are some possible Harry Potter spin-offs by eyeris which are really good!!

And for those who have nothing better to do, you can check out these following resources:
3. Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator (


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