Friday, December 29, 2006

... are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Just got done with Animaniacs Vol 2.

Yes, I enjoyed this second megadose of my blast from the past. But. I have to vent some peeves:

1. Why can't WB be CONSISTENT in what they print on the spine of the DVD? i.e. actually have Vols 1 & 2 to *gasp!* MATCH???!! Some may laugh at my getting irritated by something like this, but I see this as unacceptable sloppiness and lack of quality control: when I have the two sets next to each other, they look funny because "Vol 2" is printed 1 cm "south" of "Vol 1". It upsets the order of things!!

2. Yakko's "it's a great big universe and we're all really puny" song has been featured TWICE already. TWICE. Assuming they are running episodes "as aired" [unedited], does that mean they were already running out of fresh material halfway through the show already? And, I could have sworn that the visual for this song ends differently, where the universe as we know it ends up on like a piece on some aliens' chessboard which then gets gathered up into a bag. Ring any bells, anyone?

3. Assuming they are running the episodes "as aired" [in broadcast sequence], there are a few inconsistencies in certain storylines: sloppy editing? In Vol 1, what was obviously the "pilot" hippo episode came *after* we'd already seen them in their "deluxe apartment in the sky". Hmmmmmmmmmm. And in Vol 2, the intro of Pinky and The Brain had changed from "they're laboratory mice, their genes have been spliced" to "to prove their mousy worth, they'll take over the earth", which is fine, I figured they changed the intro for "season two"... except that it wasn't used consistently, so I'm left wondering yet again, whether all these episodes released on DVDs are in their proper chronological and unedited order or not.

4. It's really stupid to have a trailer for Animaniacs Vol 2 DVD when you are watching that trailer on the Animaniacs Vol 2 DVD! And, even worse: the episode clips used in that trailer? NOT in Volume 2, people!!! So, I'm glad I never did see that trailer prior to watching Vol 2, otherwise I'd be f.r.i.g.g.i.n. mad at the false advertising.


Still no sign of the 'toon to accompany one of my fave songs from the Animaniacs CD; the one where Dr Scratchnsniff wakes them up, bundles them into the car and takes them to a county fair. The kids' interaction [especially Yakko vs Dot] during the car ride is *so* awesome! I have a vague memory of the visual - I want it refreshed, stat! :D


But I gotta say, I certainly enjoyed the [at least] two references to The Clapper. *and* a "refreshment" of my one and only memory of a tiny toon character: Baby Plucky of "elevator go up da hole / down da hole" fame ;-)


I'm still torn... while I enjoy the Pinky and the Brain segments, I wasn't around to catch their spin-off, and am not sure if I'd survive extended exposure to the mousy duo... but I *am* curious about the spin-off series... hmmmm... methinks Netflix will help resolve the issue?? ;-)


just discovered that this cartoon Kosh has been referring to every now and then is also a product by Spielberg and the Animaniacs team: Freakazoid. Oh, and it's being "seriously considered" to be released on DVD. If this *is* released on DVD, then yay, at least I'll have *some* gift ideas for Kosh! and since it's of a lineage I appreciate, I'll probably enjoy the education too :-)

... ... okay, that's about it; so, *were* you pondering what I was pondering?


  1. How many seasons were there? Maybe inconsistency is the goal! THat would drive me nuts though. Maybe they think they do not have to spend as much time on design and layout because they are cartoons? I love toons too, but maybe they are thinking they are for kids and they will not notice. Either way, that is super annoying!

  2. Heya Lynne! Just dropping by to wish you and Kosh a Happy New Year! :-D

  3. Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  4. Hi!

    Just wanted to wish you and Kosh a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    I hope this will be fine year for all!

    Hugs Eilen xxx

  5. I think so Lynne, but where are we going to find a tattoo parlor open at this time of night?


  6. Stumbled into your blog from Omni's site. Love the Animainiacs post!



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