Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Freeze!


Forgot about hot water not being available in the building for most of the day today. So here I am, slightly sweaty from a 30+min workout, slightly dusty from cleaning out the cat box, and definitely cold and wanting to immerse myself under a cascade of hot water... *sigh*

And to add to this mood? "A Chicago area individual was arrested for allegedly planning a "lone wolf" terrorist attack on an area shopping mall during the busy holiday season." Details are severely lacking at this point - more will emerge once the Feds bring this guy to court later today. Ugh.

On a more positive note, after spending most of Wednesday dozing on and off letting my body battle the cold, after going through probably a box of tissues to catch my snottiness, yesterday I felt a lot better, and today I think I can declare myself "okay"! :-) All the more reason to NOT try to take a quick freeze-inducing shower, eh?

Oh, guess what? I've "upgraded" to Blogger beta. By this time, I would expect most of the bugs to have been worked out, so hopefully readers will have no problem with leaving comments! The one feature I'm happy to see is the "labels" thingy! Of course, I may be a big enough freak to go back and label allllll my old posts, if that's possible. We'll see.

Okay, yawwwn, may wanna snuggle up and doze on the couch now. 'Laters!

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1. News on the lone wolf
2. News I woke up to instead of Jeopardy
Heh. Chicago is quite the happening place today.

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