Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Just passing the word along in case you didn't already know...
  • if you want to access Marina Mahathir's past columns published weekly in The Star, Sambal Belacan has been posting them online recently here.

  • as a result of the above, SB inadvertently dragged Marina into the world of blogging, yay! You can find Marina's personal blog here.
Both have been duly blogrolled :-)

I really enjoy her writing and her views - we need more people like her not just in Malaysia, but in the world.

Me, I am a pale shadow compared to her.

I know, many dismiss her saying that she's "allowed" to speak up and out only because of who her father is. In a way, that is true. But that doesn't negate the message! And her actions! ESPECIALLY when you look at the other offspring of Malaysian politicians in general [or, a certain son-in-law, in particular..] have behaved, and continue to behave: typical "privileged malay" behaviour like hanging on daddy's coattails to get into 101 businesses and politics, stirring up racial hatred, depending on UMNO handouts and all that jazz.

In a country where people shy away from talking about sex, still cling on to the blinkered view that only married couples have sex, still think that AIDS is spread only thru sex, and where some politicians actually would like to send people with AIDS to live on an isolated island away from "normals".... in such a country, Marina Mahathir battled against such discrimination, mindsets and small-mindedness as head of the Malaysian AIDS Council [she stepped down a few years ago, I believe]. An uphill battle that would never have gotten as far as it has today without her.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Marina; I look forward to having my mind expanded by your rantings *and* musings!

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