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... the monster's loose ...

Hope everyone's recovering nicely from the Xmas weekend.

Had the in-laws over for dinner yesterday, not so much for Xmas as for the belated marking of MiL's birthday. I think we all survived; amazing, especially considering this was the first "real" entertaining we'd done [and by "real" I mean NOT shoving a frozen pizza into the oven because Kosh was over two hours later than expected getting off work so our outing with KTN became an inning instead... by "real" I mean having an "apple salad" followed two choices of baked chicken {herb&garlic with 'shrooms, or onion-soup-mixed} with a side of broccoli *AND* having all that prepared and ready to eat pretty much at the right time].

And now,, perhaps you're wondering what monster I'm referring to in the title of this post? It's the Netflix monster, that's what!!

I currently have one hundred and eighty three items in the queue.

Okay, so eight of them are "saved" [titles not within the Netflix inventory, but if there's enough "votes" they may consider purchasing the DVD]... but of the remaining 175 in the actual queue, over sixty are television series DVDs - that's over 35%. I dunno how other folks' queues compare, but I think that's quite a large chunk of TV I want to get to know/refresh myself on. You all know, of course, that I'm finally getting caught up on Buffy [will start receiving Season 7 soon], but I've also got other stuff like:
  • Firefly [& Serenity]: Joss Wheadon's futuristic/cowboy post-Buffy venture I've heard nothing but good things about
  • Weeds: Alissa's fault*! Right now I've gone through Season One Disc One, and teeheehee i think it's quirky, unusual, with some really good/unexpected dialogue and twists.
  • Greatest American Hero: this one is Karl's fault* ;-) I only have Season One on request, however - we'll see if I like it enough the second time around to watch the entire series...
  • Veronica Mars: this one is mainly Dave's fault* although I would never have bothered at all with this except that I happened to catch an episode a few months ago that indicated it was something I could try out... so Season One is on order.
  • Battlestar Galactica: yes, the sci-fi channel one. the one which I'd caught a bit of two years ago and totally hated... then kept reading about how many bloggers, who seem to share similar preferences as me, really really liking this new version, so I bit the bullet and have Seasons 1, 2.0, 2.5 and "the miniseries" in the queue.
  • The Muppet Show: Season One: okay this is Kosh's ;p
  • Futurama: we own Vols 1 & 2, in the queue are Vols 3 & 4 [ 8 discs] - gotta love this "sci-fi cartoon" from the creator of The Simpsons!
  • Tru Calling: This only lasted one season, and I'm only checking this out because I'm curious to see Eliza Dushku in a non-Faith role.
  • The Guyver: this is Kosh's too...
  • Neverwhere: BBC turned Neil Gaiman's book into a miniseries. I certainly enjoyed the book, so will give this a whirl and see how it compares to the real thing. Besides, with Kosh being too busy to do any reading, this is about the only way to expose him to tales I like.
  • Dr Who: not the 80's version that I might have caught a handful of episodes of, but the new/revitalised one that I would never have thought to visit if it wasn't for Karl gushing over it recently. Yup, all your fault*!
  • How I Met Your Mother: Kevin's fault* for countering my RHPS quote with something from this series that I didn't recognise so I asked him about it... although I admit, I probably wouldn't have added HIMYM to the queue yet if not for the discovery/reminding that my fave Jewish witch Willow [Alyson Hannigan] is on the show, teeheehee! Yes, I am a total BtVS whore, LoL!
I'm sure there are other TV series I'd be happy to revisit/get to know.... However, I continue to be totally bummed that Netflix doesn't have Robin of Sherwood: you know, the one with Michael Praed then later Jason Connery as Robin? *droooool!*


Couldn't sleep well last night, ended up having Animaniacs watch *me* on the couch. Maybe I'll repeat that right now. So what if it's 8am! This is what being a jobless bum is alllll about, teeheehee!

Say good night, Dick; "Good night Dick".


NOTE: * : I may say "fault" but I actually mean "credit" in the nicest possible way :-)


  1. Sure you mean "credit." We believe you.

    Happy to help, BTW.

  2. Very belatedly, I wish you all a Merry Christmas...
    Good luck with slugging it out through that monster queue :-))

  3. now i know why "freakazoid" isn't available on netflix... not on dvd yet! i guess you are spared from being forced to add it to our list. thanks to your insistence on "wiki," i came across this page that may bring u to my dark side of anticip

    lurve ya!


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