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A Gathering of Magic in KL !?

Was flipping thru today’s newspapers, and discovered that there must be a pretty large Magic: The Gathering community of gamers here in KL: not only is there a sealed deck tournament coming up soon (April 23rd), but there will also be a pre-release tournament for the Saviours of Kamigawa (SoK) set on May 21 & 22!

The April 23rd thing is at the Comic Corner Tournament Center II in Subang Jaya (have NO idea where that is: anyone with a clue please tell me!), while the SoK event will be at the Cititel @ Mid Valley.

Okay, so I pretty much banned myself from playing during my last few months in the U.S. because I got waaaaaay too upset at the cards and how the games happened to play out. But... I am curious just how a tournament is conducted… for RM50 I’d get a ChK tournament pack and 2 BoK booster packs from which to create a deck… very tempting!!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about…

The premise is that you are a wizard doing battle with other wizards, in a variety of different worlds. The cards in your deck represent spells that you cast: some of these summon creatures to do your bidding, while others could be enchantments to enhance yourself/creatures/environment, or wreak havoc on your opponents. Your ability to cast these spells is dependant on the amount of land/manna you have, for as a wizard you draw energy from the land to cast the spells. Thus, composition of the deck is important, requiring sufficient land plus the right amount of spells for attack and defense.

Among the reasons I really like this game is there are a variety of ways to compose your deck, pretty much tailored to your personality. Not surprisingly, I have a great affinity for the black deck, that is filled with vampires, bats, zombies and spells like ‘Terror’ that totally kills your opponents creatures. The land type for black is the swamp.

Other colors:
Red is fire&earth-based, and needs mountains to cast spells. The red deck is infamous for its direct damage spells, where one could perhaps kill off an opponent in one shot, if you had enough manna to draw upon, of course. Creatures featured prominently are trolls, dwarves and goblins.
Forests are the land required for green; elves are the main group of creatures, plus some pretty awesome spiders, while snakes seem to be the backbone of the green Kamigawa cards.
White, nemesis of black, is my least favourite color. Knights and clerics are their main creatures, I think, while the land required are the vast plains.
Blue: this is a frustrating color to play against. Drawing upon the power of the sea, there are some immense creatures of the deep to play around with, but the main thrust of this color is the variety of powerful spells literally at your fingertips.

While I was taught to play using ‘pure’ one-color decks, many colors actually complement each other and a well-built ‘red/black with a splash of green’ may have devastating results on an opponent!

Oh wow, this is pretty sad that I can actually ramble on quite a bit about this game… Kosh, there’s hope for us to start playing again, once I’m back in town ; )

(For more info, you could check out MtG’s website here).


  1. Warning - this can become an expensive hobby!! But it can be fun, as long as there are local people to play against. Of course, they also have an on-line version, but you actually have to invest in electronic versions of the cards ... just not worth it (to me) to buy something you can never get your hands on.

    BTW, I'm holding you to that promise to play when you get back... I was doing fine, but reading about it above has thrown me into withdrawal!

    We'll have to purchase some Saviors cards, but I'll hold off until you return.



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