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Update: week of April 11 - 15 2005

It’s Friday!! So, what have I been doing this past week?

Well, went to the nearby Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) office to make sure they send statements to the apartment instead of to my ex-office address… and was kinda ‘scared’ by the fact that I could use the myKad (new Malaysian identity card equipped with a smart chip) to print out the current year statement! Just plug it in, scan yr thumb, and it spits out the statement! It didn’t seem to do anything beyond that, though… I’d like to get reprints of missing statements of a few years ago: guess I still need to go to the counter for that.

Good news: Got the ‘proof’ of 1995 deductions from my ex-employer yesterday. Drafted a cover letter, put together all my attachment, got it all copied, and made my way to LHDN to drop it all off this morning. Let’s hope that with this, both our records tally!! (On an aside: one of the cool things about having a sitemeter is you get to see how people got to this blog page. One visitor I had was someone who did a google search in Japan with the key words “kelana jaya tax office,” where my blog came up 3rd in the list, and this person checked it out. So cool, in so many ways!!)

Had a fun time at Ladies’ Nite on Wednesday with Baby Angel.
Also made contact with a long-lost pal, whom we may meet up with next Wednesday for another session, whoohoo! :)

My days are also filling up with lunch dates with my ex-colleagues. While I enjoy getting together with them, I must say that I’m paying thru the nose for parking! Wonder if I should just take the LRT into town, or drive in but park somewhere that charges a flat rate? It’s so much more convenient to park in KLCC itself, tho I guess part of it is habit too… after all, I had a season parking pass for *how* many years?

So far, I’ve ventured to the swimming pool of the apartment just once. I have never been a big fan of swimming, but I know it’s one of the best no-impact cardiovascular workouts one can get. I’m probably going to hunt for the styrofoam board thingy so I can isolate/concentrate on legs or arms. Didn’t wear my goggles, and kinda suffered for it: I seemed to be peering at everything through a grey film for a while afterwards! The swimming cap didn’t wanna stay on, so I’m gonna have to deal with chlorine-tainted hair too. Ugh.

Last night was my first tennis session in a long long time. Considering the lack of practice, the extra weight, and the use of a strange racquet (left mine in the u.s.), I must say I think I did very well :) Unfortunately I mis-stepped and terple’ot my ankle and was limping around most of last nite & this morning :( seems much better now, thank goodness!

In my visits to KLCC this week, I managed to bump into quite a few of my ex-colleagues and acquaintances (and avoid many more of them too, teehee!!). It was nice to catch up with them all… but I’m happy to say I continue to NOT miss being part of that scene. If anything, I miss some of the people and interactions, but NOT the work, and accompanying frustration!

And on a related note: I’ve been informed of a job opportunity, contract basis, for the position of “Learning Coach” affiliated to one of the management consultant firms here. It’s tempting because they seem to need people with the skills I know I have; While it seems to pay good money, I know it will be quite intensive, and I’m just not sure if I wanna get back into work, and into that line, so soon. After all, the idea of furthering my studies in a creative line like Mass Communications or Advertising is currently very appealing… Gotta look at the cost, though… :(

Nothing exciting planned for the weekend… Will start shopping around seriously for my flight outta here… that’s right, I ain’t staying for long in KL/M’sia… while I can still afford it, I will be ronda-ing around the world… target = have ticket booked by this time next week!



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