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swim / late / chubby / loo / hunt2pay / brickfields adventure / tennis!

Today was certainly an eventful day…

First, I went down to the pool for some swimming of sorts, equipped with the floating board thingy so I could just concentrate on feet vs hands (kinda). Of course, it was probably not a good time to go considering the nasty storm we had last night – I bet the pH of the pool was way out of whack. Then again, I wonder if it is ever ‘in whack’… I mean, it’s not like the maintenance of the place is tip-top… There was a semi-rotted leaf at the bottom of the pool: if it’s still there tomorrow that means they don’t even do a daily cleaning of the thing!!

Anyways, so I did about 30-40 mins of that… noticed that if I do just legs, doing the frog-type kick, I would drift to the right… meaning my left leg was kickingmore forcefully than my right. Tried to correct it, but succeeded only if I concentrated really hard and had to kinda keep my entire body angled towards the left. Will have to explore a bit more what other idisyncracies my body exhibits!! :p

Later, headed to KLCC for a lunch date… and my ‘date’ was late!! The poor thing was stuck in a meeting till almost 1.30pm!! And we had plotted for us to meet at 1245… ugh…

… so there I was, waiting for her at this pizza place in KLCC, when a complete stranger came up to me, all smiling, and said, “Hi, haven’t seen you here for a while; a very long time actually,” and as I’m looking at her wondering who the hell she was, she continues “You’ve become quite chubby now.” I am like excuse me but am I supposed to know you?! “Oh, I’m the manager here, maybe you didn’t notice me, but I noticed you; you’re cute.” I am just rolling my eyes at this point thinking wow if you are trying to pick me up you are certainly sh*t out of luck! I gave her an earful about it being rude telling someone you don’t know how chubby they’ve become. You know how my face ‘transforms’ when I’m pissed off? Well, she got the full brunt of it. :p

After lunch, was gonna go over to BSN, but as I walked out of KLCC, it looked really nasty outside, and a few drops were starting to fall… so I decided to turn back, take the LRT to Ampang Park instead, and walk over to my travel agent to pick up my ticket. By the time I emerged at Ampang Park, it was raining cats and dogs!

I patted myself on the back for a good decision, and made my way to the travel agent, chatted with my ex-schoolmate (junior by 1 year) while my ticket got printed etc, then made my way back to KLCC. The rain had stopped by then, so off I went to BSN…

Actually I was there to figure out how to ‘order’ my new chip-based ATM card: it needs to be done thru the ATM, but I didn’t want to press the wrong button and end up having to pick up the new card from the boonies somewhere! But guess what, I may just have to do that anyway… So there I was, after having gotten instructions on how to choose the BSN HQ, looking at the screen, and wondering if I could find the BSN at Jalan Gasing PJ instead. So I hit cancel, went thru the whole sequence of buttons again then pressed ‘PJ1’ expecting that to be a zone, whereby the next screen would give me a choice of specific BSN branches… instead the machine kept processing the transaction and blinking at me.

And blinking

And blinking

So I hit cancel

No effect... it continued to blink

And blink

And blink

Ugh!! So I just stood there waiting for something to happen… and the machine spat out my card, and spat out a receipt saying ‘request denied’, and ‘transaction cancelled’ on the screen. Fine, I’ll just request to pick it up at HQ lah… reinserted the card, went thru the whole process again, only to be told that ‘request already made.’


So I had to go in, find someone who understood what my problem was, though according to him the system says I have not made a request yet?! The best he could do was track down ‘PJ1’ (which is in SHAH ALAM???!!), give me a phone number, and told me to call them within a week and see if they have my order, and ask them to send it to HQ instead.

Sigh… can’t you help out a bit more than that?? From the little I’ve seen of banks in the U.S., the officer would be working hard to fix the problem… here, as usual, you gotta do it all yourself… I predict that I will end up having to hunt for this Shah Alam branch in two weeks’ time to pick up the new card, whether or not I call up the number provided… ugh!!

Then… time for a loo break before I get the car and head back… thought I’d share this sign from the Isetan stall...

I’ve always been amused at the predatory nature of the toilet in the drawings, and since I had my phone with me, thought I’d take a pic of it to share:

So, exciting day almost over? NOPE!!

It was a chore and a half to pay for parking!! I parked near the escalators of Burger King, P2. Going down, saw long lines at the three autopay machines at P1...

..... and thought to myself: "well good thing I’m at P2..." yeah riiiiiiggghhhhtttt!!!

You know what’s coming right? Yep.... the two autopay machines at P2 weren’t working!!!

This one had a 'not working' sign plastered to the screen...

To be fair, one of them was being fixed lah... but still....

I didn’t feel like queueing, and since the car was relatively close to the lift@ Ramlee Mall, I decided to hike it thru the parking to the lift lobby. Only to find that that machine was also out of order. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I remembered seeing an autopay machine at the T1/T2 lifts, so hiked to the T1@P2, took the lift up to G (no autopay!!), walked to T2 and yessssssssssss there it was! And no queue!! Paid the exorbitant parking fee, made my way back to the car, battled the traffic to get to PJ…

Excitement not over yet!!

Took the Jalan Syed Putra route: jammed of course… thought I’d be ‘smart’ and take the ‘Mid Valley bypass’… except that since they opened the more direct route to Mid Valley, the access from Tmn Seputeh is now closed??!! Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!! Turned back, but turned too early, and found myself in Brickfields… Oh maaaaaan…. Kinda drove blind for a while until I recognised where I was and where I needed to be. Of course I was on the wrong lane, and I did the typical Malaysia thing of just cutting in right where the curve/turning is, to get to the road that then let me on to Jln Travers. Surprisingly I got no honks or signs of obvious dissatisfaction from the person whose lane I totally encroached – amazing!

So here I am at home… it’s aroung 630pm… will have to battle the (hopefully) tail end of traffic to get to TTDI for another tennis session. At least this day will end on a positive note: us sweaty gurls pigging out at some mamak! :D

NOTE@12 midnight : had SO much trouble getting the pictures done properly... ugh!! back from major oink-oink pig out session around 11pm, mandi, and now here I am finishing this up before bed.... yawwwwwwnnnnnn!!! g'nite all!


  1. I know what u mean by oink oink session..I was so bloated after dinner last night!!

  2. ... yep... i think we more than made up for the calories burnt during the session!! :p hopefully tonight we won't be as bad.... :D


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