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Doodling away

Haven't doodled for SO long!

I suppose it helps that I'm no longer stuck in meetings that were going nowhere, and the only way to stay awake was to let my mind wander, while pretending to write things down.

I'd always doodled, but it got raised to an art form of sorts during my last 2 years of work...

Perhaps one day I'll scan in the best of my doodles so thet they don't remain treasures buried within dusty notebooks that will otherwise never be opened again...

Tried harnessing the doodles for a while... here's my first-ever "commercial" doodle:

This was a personal gift for Ah Beng my buddy.
I'm amused at the bird that drew itself (see top left area).
Veya swore she saw boobs in it, LOL!

After that "masterpiece", I got hold of regular metallic-ink pens (as opposed to metallic-ink brush-pens used for the above), and played around a bit with those, on thicker black paper: with that I made about 30 farewell cards for certain colleagues, given out during my last days at work.

While they turned out a lot better (or, "truer") to my "original" doodles, I think nothing beats the originals... just take a soft pencil, put it to paper, and off I went!

I keep saying soft pencil: I hated the feel of HB pencils, but even the 2B type were awful... but my source of pencils, in the end, was not some expensive art shop, or even a stationery store... it was hotels! Yeah, somehow most hotels in KL seemed to source their pencils from the same place, and they were the perfect "feel": so every time we organised an event at one of these places, at the end of the day I'd go around collecting all the pencils left behind. I'd have a container on my desk fillled to the brim with these pencils: and of course I'd reach for one or two plus my notebook before heading to yet another mind-numbing meeting :-)

So when one of my colleagues "comissioned" a large-sized doodle (about A2-sized) as a farewell gift, I worked on it in pencil on beige paper. You could see I'd worked on it at different angles, and different times... but still, it was the most fulfilling and satisfying of all I'd produced. How I wish I hadn't lost the photos I'd taken of that one :-(


  1. Maybe you can ask your (ex-)collegue for some pics of your doodle?

  2. yeah, I'll probably scan & upload the stuff from my notebook & doodle pads when I'm back in KL... and see if my ex colleague can give me some pix of the one I gave her... so no update on this topic until at least March '06 :p


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